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For a square print:
Small: 8x8
Medium: 17x17
Large: 22x22

For a landscape print:
Small: 10x8
Medium: 17x13
Large: 22x17

For a portrait print:
Small: 8x10
Medium: 13x17

SAAG Framed Limited Editions

To receive a limited-edition framed or canvas print, donate the noted amount at & send an email to noting your choice.

Standard size:
15x21 or 21x15

Frames available:
Light birch
Honey pecan
Natural walnut

Framed Prints

Standard frame sizes
Small: 10x12
Medium: 15x21
Large: 20x26

Frames available:
Light birch
Honey pecan
Natural walnut


Standard size


- Megha Majumdar, A Burning

- Jenny Bhatt, Each of Us Killers

- Ashok Kumar Mukhopadhyay, A Ballad of Remittent Fevers (translated by Arunava Sinha)

- Abeer Hoque, Olive Witch

- Neilesh Bose, South Asian Migrations in Global History

- Mira Jacob, Good Talk

- Amit Chaudhuri, Friend of My Youth

- Aruni Kashyap, His Father's Disease

- Aruni Kashyap, The House With a Thousand Stories

- Hasanthika Sirisena, The Other One

- Partha Mitter, The Triumph of Modernisms: India's Artists and the Avant-Garde

- Tara Isabel Zambrano, Death, Desire, and Other Destinations

- Chandramohan S, Love After Babel

- Chaitali Sen, The Pathless Sky

- Mahmud Rahman, Killing the Water

- Mahmudul Haque, Black Ice (translated by Mahmud Rahman)

- Asad Haider, Mistaken Identity: Race and Class in the Age of Trump

- Sumana Roy, Out of Syllabus: Poems
- Sejal Shah, This Is One Way to Dance: Essays