South Asian Avant-Garde: A Dissident Literary Anthology is a forthcoming anthology that features dissident fiction, essays, journalism, plays, poetry, and hybrid, multimedia work. It reclaims radical traditions that have long been excised from South Asian histories, and forges new communities and reinforces necessary solidarities. The digital platform allows work to travel everywhere South Asians live and practice.

Transgression, experimentation, and true radicalism are rare and expensive in a world structured around majoritarian consensus, conformity, and party-line loyalism. This is especially true for minority voices, who are routinely devalued. We must value creative labor, no excuses. Your support will go directly to the multitude of writers and artists who will be contributing to this project. In our shared commitment to respect creative labor, we’re happy to be partnering with the Asian American Writer’s Workshop, whilst reaching South Asians everywhere.

To show our gratitude, we offer perks at each level of support. Every donation brings us closer to amplifying South Asian voices that are imagining and building better and freer futures for us all.

For more details about our collections of prints, books, and other items, visit our perks page here.

About Us:

We lay claim to revolutionary and avant-garde traditions that have been marginalized in the histories of South Asia. In contrast to the siloed worlds of literary magazines, art exhibits or academic journals, we seek 
works that think and reflect, and shows new ways of telling stories,
through experimentalism in form, function, and craft.

We are a collective of South Asian writers, editors, academics, organizers, translators, playwrights, journalists, visual artists and designers who share a deeply political commitment to radical art that challenges unequal status quos.

Join us as we attempt to interrogate and shape the South Asian Avant-Garde in 2020.