South Asian Avant-Garde:
A Dissident Literary Anthology.

In advancing an anthology of dissidence, we at SAAG lay claim to revolutionary and avant-garde traditions that have repeatedly been excised from the histories of South Asia. We aspire to build on these older radicalisms in creating art, literature, and projects of imagination needed in the present political moment. In contrast to the siloed worlds of literary magazines, art exhibits or academic journals, SAAG seeks to imagine—through experimentalism in form, function, and craft—radical collaboration across genres and modes; to feature work that opens up and digs into political fault lines rather than rehearsing already-established progressive certainties, to find strange new ways of telling stories corresponding to better worlds that are yet to exist.

We are a collective of South Asian writers, editors, academics, organizers, translators, playwrights, journalists, visual artists and designers who share a deeply political commitment to radical art that challenges unequal status quos.

Join us as we attempt to interrogate and shape the South Asian Avant-Garde in 2020.